Neoteric Time

Neoteric Time Developing an entirely novel way of keeping time, Qlocktwo has designed a bespoke collection of table clocks for Bahrain.

Neoteric Time

Developing an entirely novel way of keeping time, Qlocktwo has
designed a bespoke collection of table clocks for Bahrain.

For centuries the timekeeping has been essential to maintaining harmony within life. Without time, there is chaos and over the years the timekeeping has revolutionized immensely. From grandfather clocks and pocket watches, to futuristic watches and clocks of today, horologists have worked tirelessly to create systems that not only allow efficient timekeeping, but are also almost like pieces of art changing with time. Time, in the past, has always been defined by numbers, award-winning Biegert and Funk have gone beyond creating conventional timepieces, and have launched Qlocktwo, a clock that tells time in words. An illuminated time-telling piece, the Qlocktwo clocks are a contemporary and revolutionary means to keep up with time in this ever-changing, fast-paced world. At first the display seems as though it is a random arrangement of letters, but with a simple touch the eye-catching typographic front illuminates the written word to reveal the time. Changing at every 5 minute increments, and small four illuminates corner points displaying the minutes in between, the Qlocktwo pieces are a
beautiful combination of art and magic, and quite literally give horology a new face. Available in different 19 languages, colour and front-face material (both of which can be changed at any time), and has the option of either being mounted on the wall or be placed as a free-standing accessory, Qlocktwo is an incredibly versatile timepiece. The mechanics of the clock are engineered meticulously, and take into account every detail from ensuring the illumination is adjusted according to ambient lighting, which makes it easier to read the clock at night as well, from being able to adjust even the seconds-visibility, as well as an iPhone app that allows the clock to be set up to the split-second. The different sizes and collections also give the clocks different aesthetics, making each one unique and range from the large, to the Qlocktwo Touch that are smaller in size and ideal for office or side table setting, to even watches that are available in different colours and look just as elegant on the wrist as the bigger timepieces placed at home. Highlighting the history of The Kingdom of Bahrain through their limited edition timepieces, Qlocktwo launched the Bahrain
Island edition of the Qlocktwo Touch. In a bid to preserve and reeducate about the 33 natural islands that make up Bahrain, the clocks are designed specifically for Bahrain, and the time is told by illuminated Arabic words with each body engraved with a different historic name that was given to these natural islands. The stunning timepiece is sleek and sophisticated and boasts the same features as the other Qlocktwo timepieces, but is exceptional in its homage to Bahrain. The Bahrain Coat of Arms is evident on the body of the clock as the unmistakable red and white colours that have become synonymous with Bahrain’s identity are apparent. Ideal for an office or house setting, the Bahrain edition Qlocktwo Touch is a beautiful tribute to the tiny island many are proud to call their home. F For more information: Projekt 8, Moda Mall, Manama (00973) 6677 7600 www.qlocktwo.com / www.projekt8.com @qlocktwo / @projekt8
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